Ein Velaro MS von Siemens steht als ICE 3neo der Deutschen Bahn auf einem Bahngleis.

Comfort for trans-European high-speed traffic 

Velaro MS offers more comfort and flexibility in high-speed traffic. Based on the Velaro platform, this train will join Deutsche Bahn’s mainline fleet starting in December 2022 as ICE 3neo and will also be used for trans-European traffic in Belgium and the Netherlands starting in December 2024.

The people behind the Velaro MS

It is thanks to the impressive team effort of employees at Siemens and Deutsche Bahn that the ICE 3neo can start passenger service on time. In the video, some of them look back on the project.

High speed for all mobility requirements

Velaro MS is designed so that all passengers can travel enjoyably and in comfort. For example, passengers with children have access to a compartment for toddlers and a child-friendly family area. Those who travel with a bike can take advantage of one of eight bicycle spaces in each train. Cellular-transparent windowpanes, as well as tablet holders and power outlets at every seat, turn the train into a mobile station for working or relaxing. Finally, the power lift ensures comfortable boarding and alighting for passengers with limited mobility.

Respond flexibly to changing requirements

The demands placed on a train can change according to season or destination. That’s no problem for Velaro MS because it’s able to respond quickly and flexibly to changing demands.


Thanks to the multiple-unit concept in which all modules are distributed underfloor, passengers have 20 percent more room over the entire length of the train than with other train concepts. And with the modular design of the interior, this space can be flexibly used. Depending on requirements, its fixtures, fittings, and equipment can be quickly altered and adapted to the particular demands – for example, with the integration of additional baggage racks or supplementary face-to-face table arrangements.

Increased energy-efficiency on a proven platform

In addition to improved performance characteristics and a comfortable ride, the Velaro MS is also energy efficient. Its spoiler, nose, and front section have been aerodynamically optimized and the panel covers for the roof-mounted equipment and intercar gangways also reduce energy consumption. In addition, the intelligent energy manager ensures that the train systems are operated with maximum efficiency.


Even the air-conditioning system has been further developed. Sensors measure CO2 content inside the cars and regulate ventilation accordingly. The coolant R290 (propane) used as of train 31 reduces the air-conditioning’s carbon footprint even further. Together with proven measures like regenerative braking, Velaro MS features exemplary energy efficiency and in this way makes a vital contribution to sustainable mainline traffic.

Type Velaro MS
Construction years
Cars per train
Power system
15/25 kV AC and 1.5/3 kV 
Max. speed [km/h]
Train length [m]
Number of seats
Traction power [kW]
90 (73 ordered to date)

Velaro fleet

A technological expertise lead of more than 3 billion kilometers, including Germany, Great Britain, Spain, China, France, and Turkey: This is the Velaro fleet.


Top performance for high-speed traffic

Technology, flexibility, comfort, and economy: The Velaro family will convince you.