What makes large cities more livable and helps people navigate them smoothly?

Zhuhai's intelligent traffic management system (TMS) by Siemens makes traffic smoother. Its comprehensive traffic information platform makes the city easier to navigate and more livable.
Intelligent Infrastructure

Green traffic and smart travel in Zhuhai

Siemens built a green traffic intelligent system specifically for Zhuhai, which creatively combines the green traffic concept with the traffic management system, and helps Zhuhai to be a world leading intelligent, green, environment friendly city.

Zhuhai TMS: giving street smart a new meaning

Siemens has built an intelligent system specifically for Zhuhai, a cutting edge traffic solution with excellent adaptability that could be used in cities both in and out of China.
The Traffic Information and Comprehensive Service Platform can provide all the information needed when travelling, from bike rentals, tram routes, real-time traffic, car repairs or even driving license penalties. A platform on both a website and Smartphone App serves traffic users wherever they go. You can find and select your routes with a few clicks, and even assess customs queues, should you wish to go to Macau. Soon you will even be able to purchase public transport tickets, pay highway tolls, and customize your own traffic alerts and route planning. Street Smart? You bet!
Besides a system that serves the public, Siemens also built a green index traffic system for the Zhuhai Transportation Bureau. Now in operation, the system provides the government with overall info on traffic across the entire city, complete with indexes to guide traffic policies. Based on Siemens worldwide experience, data resources and digital know-how, the index offers the government info on where Zhuhai's traffic performance stands compared to reference cities like Singapore and indicates how policies can be adjusted and improvements implemented.

Zhuhai’s TMS is Siemens' first traffic management project in China, helping Zhuhai become one of the world's number one smart, green cities, with the most ecological traffic system in the world. Siemens has successfully finished the first phase of its five-year plan - with more phases to go. The system will be perfected over the next few years. And being "street smart" will indeed be given a brand new meaning with Siemens TMS.


Zhuhai Traffic Management System: giving Street Smart a new meaning

A completely cutting edge traffic solution with great adaptability.
Bus information
Bike rental information
Car repair information
Driver's License penalties
Real time traffic information
Real time custom information
Website + Mobile App to get directions
Tram routes information
Traffic Performance Index

Tells the government where Zhuhai’s traffic
performance stands compared to reference cities.

Siemens also built a
green index traffic system

City’s Traffic Information

Provides the government with an overall
of the entire city’s traffic information.


Moving towards green transport

The city of Zhuhai is collaborating with Siemens to implement an advanced Traffic Management System that will integrate transport information for all travel options, from rental bikes to trams, ferries, and public buses. It will assist both government authorities and everyday commuters.

Make way for tomorrow

As cities grow, comprehensive traffic management and green transportation become essential. Siemens solutions for integrated mobility and transport systems deal with congestion, reduce carbon emissions, increase energy-efficiency, and improve the lives of commuters.

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