Intelligent road infrastructure and traffic solutions in and between cities

Traffic management, simulation, tunnel management, digital services driven by AI, shared autonomous driving and much more - that is the basis for managing mobility ecosystems. Aligned to the customer’s value chain, our solutions meet current and future mobility needs. Smarter Ways. It’s your city.

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Webinar by Siemens Mobility ITS – May 27, 2021 – 10:30-11:30 am CDT​ ​(focus: US market)

SIWAVE Insights offers traffic professionals the tools to optimize their intersections with ease.

Our cloud-based platform empowers traffic agencies and industry professionals alike to effortlessly manage and improve the efficiency of their intersections.

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Smarter Ways. It’s your city.

How do we improve the quality of life of people while offering each and every road user the most convenient transport option possible? Our innovative and adaptive modules combine seamlessly into integrated road systems – allowing the development of customized solutions in and between cities.

Intelligent Traffic Systems for current challenges

COVID-19 has clearly impacted our mobility behavior. Nevertheless - the megatrends remain - urbanisation, sustainability and the reduction of emissions are as relevant as before the pandemic. We support our customers with traffic solutions and road infrastructure that is required now and after the crisis.

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Smart answers for new challenges

The time for autonomous vehicles is now: old approaches are coming up against their limits and smarter answers are needed to respond to new challenges. In this series of stories, we showcase people and initiatives shaping connected mobility.
Interested in finding out more about the issues shaping connected mobility in this and coming generations?

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We protect your assets.

Cybersecurity at Siemens Mobility ITS

The many advantages of an increasingly digital and connected world have a price: cyber-attacks have become a serious threat. They affect not only our data, but our everyday lives. Therefore, comprehensive security mechanisms and security-oriented thinking are essential in every organization.


Cybersecurity is a highly sensitive area that requires a trustworthy partner. He must understand how products, systems and technical solutions fit in with the processes in a company and its employees.


Cybersecurity has a very high priority for us. That is why it is important for us to renew our ISO/IEC 27001 certification once a year to ensure that we use superior processes and technologies in a constantly and rapidly changing battlefield. Other building blocks of our holistic approach include the world-renowned Siemens CERT for vulnerability management and the Charter of Trust

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Our comprehensive portfolio is supplemented by matching service offerings such as consulting and financing.

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Smarter ways. It’s your city.

With our long-standing experience in transportation and our unique technology know-how, we at Siemens Mobility are constantly developing new intelligent mobility solutions to increase the availability of infrastructure, optimize throughput, and improve the quality of life within cities.

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