Shared Autonomous Mobility

Autonomous shuttles optimally support public transport - not only for the first and last mile.

In order to transport passengers reliably from the last public transport junction to their destination, autonomous shuttles are a comfortable and - thanks to an intelligent infrastructure - also a safe solution.

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Autonomous Shuttles

Intelligent option for more quality of life and mobility

We all want cities worth living in and a clean environment - but we also want to stay mobile. How can these two goals be combined? One answer are fleets of autonomous shuttles, which are shared and electrically operated.

How to manage the "first and last mile": with sharing offers and end-to-end connectivity.  

Our Sitraffic mooV solution for autonomous shuttles operates completely driverless and combines autonomous vehicle functions with roadside infrastructure information.

Barriers are detected via the infrastructure connection, even if they are on the roadway in a section of the route not yet visible to the shuttle itself. The shuttle will bypass the barrier or reduce speed in advance. We test and validate the function and safety of our solution with a digital twin already during development - for maximum safety and comfort for passengers and operators.

Efficient and clean mobility

  • More sustainable mobility through shared, networked and electric local transport services
  • Increased vehicle utilization through demand-oriented deployment
  • Reduction of CO2 and fine dust pollution through new mobility systems

Improved transport system

  • Improved functional safety (up to SIL 3)
  • Potentially up to 50 km/h without safety driver
  • Integration of autonomous vehicles into existing public transport services
  • Higher availability, resource utilization and transport efficiency

Safety and approval

  • More security and efficiency through redundancy and improved perception of the environment
  • Vehicle and manufacturer independent system
  • Fast and resource-saving verification and validation during development using digital twins
  • Faster approval of the autonomous overall system through "2oo2" logic

Cloud-based mobility management

  • Software as a Service: flexible and scalable implementation
  • Open protocols for easy integration
  • Standardized interfaces and compatibility with third-party systems
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Our goal is to integrate autonomous shuttles safely and efficiently into urban public transport. These shuttles will no longer follow a fixed route from bus stop to bus stop, but their schedule will be determined by the individual needs of the passengers.
Kunal Chandra, Head of Shared Autonomous Mobility, Siemens Mobility
Autonomous bus shuttle HEAT

Press feature HEAT project

The HEAT Shuttle is already in test operation with passengers - in HafenCity in Hamburg.
You want more information about our HEAT project?  Go to our press feature.


Autonomous shuttles on the way to everyday mobility

In several test fields, autonomous shuttles demonstrate the possibilities they offer for efficient, safe and environmentally friendly mobility in urban environments.


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