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Aimsun is a leader in traffic prediction software and services. Aimsun’s fully integrated software packages, Next and Live, complement the Siemens Mobility portfolio by simulating future traffic flows to aid offline strategic transportation planning and real-time mobility management. From the engineering and implementation phase right up to daily operation, traffic engineers and system operators can rely on top-of-the-range tools for planning, data supply, administration and operation of their traffic control systems. 

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Aimsun Next - traffic modeling

Aimsun Next

Aimsun Next traffic modeling software allows you to build a model of any size, from a single intersection to an entire region.

Aimsun Next software allows you to model transportation networks small and large: from a single intersection to an entire region. You can use Next to build a digital twin of a city or highway, then simulate the trips that people want to make, and match them with the available transportation options such as taxis, buses, car-shares, bikes or even walking. Digital modeling is a safe and cost-effective way to experiment with different designs or operations plans and help make places safer, cleaner and more livable. Over 5,000 professionals in 82 countries around the world use Next software to plan the future of our cities.

Benefits and Highlights

Aimsun Next can simulate entire cities much faster than real time: A microscopic model of Singapore can run 2-3 times faster than real time on a normal laptop. The meso model is 4-6 times faster still. For large models, this difference is make-or-break. For smaller models, it allows for more ‘what if?’ scenarios, iterations and sensitivity analyses with the same time budget. 

Integrated macro, meso and micro modeling levels allow you to gradually extend your model’s boundaries without having to change your software or sacrifice speed – thanks to the hybrid simulator you can zoom in and out at will, seeing close-up detail only where you really need it.

Store and compare multiple geometries and scenarios in a single file, eliminating menial copy-paste tasks and unmanageable file libraries.

Customize your models: build API extensions in C++ or Python, override behavioral models with the microSDK, and build your own plug-ins with the platformSDK.

Aimsun Next’s dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) scheme gives you the option to model steady-state behavior as well as react to non-recurring scenarios. This is particularly important in corridor models and in large urban models where calibration of microsimulation assignments can be tricky.

An all-in-one model means a single payment for maintenance, training and support. It’s also faster to learn and faster to use, with no error-prone manual interfacing between different software packages. 

Aimsun Live - real-time traffic management

Aimsun Live

Aimsun Live simulates large areas in real time, allowing traffic control centers to predict future traffic problems and avert them before they occur.

Aimsun Live finds patterns in historical traffic data and combines them with real-time data feeds from sources such as road cameras, satellites and our phones, to build an accurate picture of likely upcoming traffic conditions. It’s so fast that within a few minutes, traffic control room operators can test and deploy the best strategy for avoiding upcoming congestion. Government organizations in the USA, UK, France and Australia use Aimsun Live to work towards smart highway systems and truly connected cities. Aimsun Live slots right into the traffic control center and continously processes live field data, simulating vehicle movement inside a road network of any size, from a single highway corridor to an entire major world city.

Benefits and Highlights

Simulation can significantly improve the accuracy and relevance of travel-time forecasts. Because it takes capacity changes and network effects into account, it is the only technique that can allow operators to compare the effectiveness of complex alternative traffic management strategies quickly and objectively.

Unlike traditional analytical forecasting processes, a simulation of individual vehicles permits an explicit and faithful emulation of ITS policies.

With access to individual vehicle delays, travel times, position, pollutant emissions, speed, route and many other characteristics, the measures of effectiveness can be as complex as needed.

One of the key elements that makes Aimsun Live a unique solution for real-time forecasting and information provision is its rich and innovative combination of dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) techniques within the same simulation to give the most realistic representation possible of network behavior.

To ensure the best possible forecasting accuracy, Aimsun Live includes a module that continuously compares forecast performances against field measurements received once the prediction period has passed.

  • Choice of the most appropriate modeling level (micro-meso-hybrid)
  • Adaptable to the user’s requirements
  • Customizable user interface
  • Quality assurance module: comparison of predictions and real data
  • Comprehensive analysis of travel patterns
  • Planned, but also non-recurrent and unexpected events
  • Speed: results in 2-5 minutes
  • Modular architecture
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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

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Traffic Prediction

From the engineering and implementation phase right up to daily operation, traffic engineers and system operators can rely on top-of-the-range  tools for planning, data supply, administration and operation of their traffic control systems.

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