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Autonomous mobility

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Ready for the next step forward in mobility?

How to get more passengers on board, how to make trains faster and better, how to bridge those crucial first and end mile journeys – these are the questions that have always driven us. And the answer for the next big step, we know, lies with the automation of our trains, infrastructure and vehicles.

Look forward, move forward with autonomous mobility that is ready for implementation today – and discover the real benefits.


The case for connected and automated mobility systems

We’ve made the case for autonomous mobility – with solutions ready for implementation today. With R&D projects making the news around the world. With prototypes being tested, even now, with partners who are already on board. Find out more.

Pioneering digital rail operations in Germany

More punctual trains, more stable timetables, greater sustainability and greater travel comfort: all possible when rail operations are automated. The digital S-Bahn in Hamburg pilot project is the perfect example of how new technology can improve urban transportation in growing cities.

The technological foundation for this success story is ATO (Automatic Train Operation) over ETCS (European Train Control System). With this technology: the railway operator can automate the starting, acceleration, cruising, coasting, braking, and stopping of the trains.

But automated doesn’t automatically mean driverless. In Hamburg, a driver continues to be on board – but only needs to intervene if there are disturbances or irregularities.

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S-Bahn Hamburg

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Modernizing train travel in southern England

The world’s first operational application of ATO over ETCS: this success story came to be as the UK’s Department for Transport (DfT) looked to modernize their lines and fleets.

The system, implemented by Siemens Mobility, operates in conjunction with existing infrastructure and enables short headways between the trains – every train follows an optimized speed profile and adheres to a precise schedule, stopping accurately at platforms and departing again without delay.

This advanced vehicle control system, which adjusts the train’s speed based on route utilization, paired with the Desiro City makes energy savings of up to 50 percent entirely possible.

The outcome: more punctual, more sustainable and less crowded trains for over half a million people commuting to work in London every day.


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The Desiro City


Topping a new milestone in the Alps 

Imagine a scenario in which train drivers can activate automatic train control with the push of a button at a train station or anytime during a journey – the train then moving smoothly and automatically to the next stop, even though the driver can take back control at any time.

Such a scenario is entirely realistic – as proven in our test project with the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). The highlight of this test project is an onboard ATO unit that lets operators use their currently installed version of ETCS with ATO, instead of having to upgrade to a future version.


In addition to automatic door control, the project also proved how autonomous driving (with automatic approach, acceleration, braking, and precise driving along monitored brake curves) can ensure a very high level of passenger comfort.


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Riding the world’s first autonomous tram

A tram with no driver? That recognizes obstacles and handles complex situations correctly? That responds to traffic signals and people and vehicles crossing its path?


This implementation of an autonomous tram in the German city of Potsdam grabbed headlines when it was launched in 2018 because it proved the feasibility of autonomous driving in a complex open system involving other road users.

Behind the success of the project: a highly innovative rail perception system that fuses data captures from three different sources – lidars, radars and cameras – to create a profound 3D image of the tram’s surroundings.

Following this, Siemens Mobility is currently working with partners on automating a depot with the autonomous tram. The goal: the automation of time-intensive marshaling and servicing processes to take the load off employees and ensure a high level of vehicle availability.


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Autonomous trams

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Assisted and driverless train operation


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The Avenio

Reducing traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur: capital of Malaysia and one of the fastest-growing metropolises in Asia. It also has an enormous concentration of private cars – resulting in a great deal of environmental pollution over the years.


Key to solving this urban challenge were new metro routes to entice people to leave their cars at home and rely on public transport.


And that is where Siemens Mobility stepped up to the challenge – with 58 new, driverless trains for the Klang Valley Metro project.


Fully automated, the futuristic Inspiro metros went into service in December 2016 and supports unattended train operation (GoA 4) along the entire 51-kilometer-long Sungei Buloh-Kajang Line.

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Klang valley metro



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The Inspiro



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Autonomous mobility

How to get more passengers on board, how to make trains safer and faster, how to bridge those crucial first and end mile journeys – these are the questions that have always driven us. And the answer for the next big step, we know, lies with the automation of our trains, infrastructure and vehicles. Find out how you can get ready for autonomous driving and enjoy the benefits with proven innovations from Siemens Mobility. 

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