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Mobility solutions for a better tomorrow

Digitalization is the key to intelligent rail infrastructure, intelligent trains, and intelligent services that ensure maximally efficient processes – in this way boosting overall profitability by up to 30%. With our comprehensive digital portfolio, we provide the basis and enable train and rail network operators to create additional value along their core processes.

Ride the digital transformation

Let us guide you on your digitalization journey – with technologies that facilitate the implementation of large turnkey projects. Cybersecurity solutions designed to protect your critical infrastructure and assets. And, of course, expert advice on how you can leverage cloud technology and data to unlock new business models and improve processes.


Digitalization entails many benefits. To ensure these benefits in the long term, however, digital systems must be protected against cyber threats. We are committed to making mobility safer for everyone with products, solutions, and services that protect mobility systems comprehensively. Find out more about the global trends driving cybersecurity, how we help to protect mobility today and tomorrow, and the ten principles that are fundamental to a secure digital world.

Building Information Modeling

Building information modeling (BIM) supports decision making throughout the entire lifecycle of a rail and road infrastructure project. With BIM, a digital twin of the entire construction project precedes the physical construction. This helps to make sure that all expectations and specifications are met precisely, in this way ensuring significant improvements of time- and cost-efficiency during implementation.


The digital twin also provides an ideal basis for operations improvements, digital servicing and maintenance, asset management, and responses to changing requirements such as the replanning of brownfield projects in the course of the lifecycle.

Cloud technology

Businesses must find new paths for growth and innovation – and one such path is the connection of systems and processes in the cloud. The replacement of local solutions by cloud-based equivalents helps to further reduce both capital and operating expenses. At the same time, it enables the immediate participation in new innovation cycles.


A perfect example is Europe’s first digital interlocking, which commenced operation in April 2018. This revolutionary solution makes it possible to use intelligent field elements and enables capacity, punctuality, and cost improvements while meeting the strictest operational safety standards.

Data analytics & IoT

Ensuring the quality of transportation with a multitude of different mobility options and a broad range of hardware and software in place can be a challenge for mobility operators. However, connecting public transport to the Internet of Things (IoT) brings many benefits. Data gathered from infrastructure as well as operating systems and passenger apps can be used for the continuous improvement of operations and passenger services – for the sake of mobility service providers and passengers alike.

Digital trends in the rail sector

UNIFE vision paper on digitalization

„Digital technologies are affecting the ways in which various players in the transport sector are dealing with user information, payments, integration and automation…they are also influencing ongoing changes in mobility patterns and end-user behavior.“


UNIFE (The European Rail Industry)


Our digital offerings

Our digitalization portfolio enables mobility operators worldwide to make trains and infrastructure intelligent, increase value sustainably over the lifecycle, enhance the passenger experience, and guarantee availability.
A train pulls into an ultra-modern station in a green, sustainable city; the image is overlaid by digital elements representing smart seamless mobility


Smart data for #sustainabletravel

At Siemens Mobility, we drive digitalization in the rail sector – through rail automation and rail electrification – to maximize the benefits of a connected and demand-driven mobility ecosystem. With our solutions, operators and infrastructure owners can make their infrastructure intelligent, increase value and sustainability over the entire lifecycle, enhance the passenger experience, and guarantee availability.


We also offer a comprehensive range of digital services, which are flexible and individually tailored to customer needs. Based on innovative technologies, our services make rail operations even more efficient – at all levels and over the entire asset/infrastructure lifecycle. 

An illuminated city skyline overlaid with digital graphic elements represents how smart data, cloud technology and the digital transformation can shape smart cities


Smart data for #smartcities

Our vision for the future: cities in which all traffic and transport infrastructure is digitally connected. Where smart real-time data collected from traffic management systems can be used to quickly improve travel offerings. Where changing traveler demands – and sustainability targets – are met. Where there are always new opportunities and new business models to be explored. Find out how our intelligent traffic systems help cities get the best out of data. 

Three fresh-faced young women sit on a bus at night, the scene is overlaid with digital graphic elements representing seamless mobility


Smart data for #seamlessmobility

We enable seamless mobility across many different travel modes with our comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions and services. These range from smart mobility apps, which function as true travel companions with integrated mobile ticketing and trip planning, to intermodal management platforms that support smooth services even in case of disruptions. The result: benefits for both passengers and operators alike. 

The transformation of intelligent rail infrastructure

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