Building Information Modeling 

Turning data into value

Cities are growing everywhere around the world. But they often lack reliable and sustainable transport solutions. Building new rail infrastructures or expanding existing ones is a challenging endeavor. Time and cost pressures are steadily increasing: Managing a high number of interfaces and requirements in absolute precision, while supply chains increasingly span different time zones and locations. By combing these data, rail infrastructure projects can be executed most time- and cost efficiently. That is one of the many benefits of Building Information Modeling. But BIM creates value even way beyond the planning phase of a rail infrastructure project - and over the entire lifecycle.

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Bringing BIM to life

Cost and time efficiency

Originating from the construction industry, BIM is a state-of-the-art methodology for full virtual planning and integrating all planning partners and information available while improving planning quality. Additionally, this data provides the basis for efficient maintenance based on full transparency. Siemens Mobility uses BIM to create a digital twin – a virtual model of rail infrastructure projects or parts of it planned for implementation. This involves the use of computer-generated 3D modeling and the information integrated into or linked with the models. Once the model meets all specifications it is tested virtually before it is installed. This is how BIM enables significant productivity gains in all phases of the project.

BIM creates value sustainably over the entire lifecycle

Real-time design status
High quality 3D visualization
Fast and accurate design process
Full-scale digital testing
Cyber security
Live status visualization
Extensive construction scanning
Faster project execution
Up to 100% availability
Enhanced asset performance
Enterprise data model

Real-time design status

See your project design in real time

The latest design status is always available for all project partners, enabling you to:

  • Make decisions in real time
  • Avoid losing vital information
Integrated CAD model of the rail infrastructure and civil works makes progress transparent and shows design status

High quality 3D visualization

Experience your project with high quality 3D visualizations

Creating a digital twin of the planned infrastructure solution within its environment offers you:

  • Planned look and feel at an early project phase
  • Visual support for discussions with stakeholders, governments, informing the public
  • Risk mitigation of non-budgeted change orders
3D animation of the Operation Control Center shows atmosphere created by the light

Fast and accurate design process

Accelerate the design process

All design partners have access to the same data, the only source of truth. This allows for:

  • Seamless co-creation across companies, countries and time zones
  • Fast and qualified response to adaptations
  • Model-based space coordination
  • Mitigation of planning risks
Fast design process by “drag and drop” of this lathe model including its space requirements (green box) in a depot

Full-scale digital testing

Verify your design with comprehensive digital testing

Full-scale digital testing ensures 100% validated design before starting construction.

  • Detecting clashes before construction
  • Reducing risk of expensive changes during construction
Simulation using data from a 3D laser scanner shows potential clashes between relevant components, e.g. trains and buildings

Cyber security

Highest standards to ensure cyber security

Technical standards and control mechanisms minimize security risks during the BIM engineering process.

  • A thorough and consistent security concept manages cyber-attacks and unauthorized access
  • A tailored level of security safeguards your critical processes and data
  • The protection concept is based on the leading security standards for railway industries
Protection concept in accordance with the recommendations set out in ISO 2700X and ISA 99 / IEC 62443

Live status visualization

Monitor the construction progress at any time

Real-time project data of the infrastructure project to support the project execution.

  • Faster collection of records via digital interfaces e.g. on-site
  • Enhanced project information model data for greater health and safety performance
Real-time status report shows details of each component.

Extensive construction scanning

Create a 100% accurate digital twin for improved operations

As-built data is gathered and integrated in the digital twin.

  • Avoid clashes arising from deviations during construction
  • Enables digital planning of necessary changes for risk mitigation during construction
3D laser scanning allows gathering of as-built-data

Faster project execution

Information Management with BIM improves available data and handover

  • Implement the digital plan without risking clashes between equipment and buildings
  • Lower the risk of project delays
  • Retain information during handover between project stages
BIM improves the information flow over the project period

Up to 100% system availability

Turning data into value with Railigent©

The Railigent Application Suite enables the remote monitoring of systems, performing fast diagnoses and predicting failures before they can occur.

  • Improvement of up to 100% availability
  • Decrease in unplanned downtimes by 30-50%
  • Lowering of unnecessary transfers to maintenance by over 30%
  • Reduced maintenance and energy costs by 10-15%
Improved operations and maintenance with Railigent Application Suite

Enhanced asset performance

Best-in-class performance of rail assets

Applying our profound experience in depot planning, supply chain management and maintenance operations from our more than 90 service projects worldwide, and combining this knowledge with advanced, AI-based decision support systems using extensive Rail IoT and system data, Siemens Mobility experts accompany you in the creation, implementation and optimization of your asset management plans. We can help you enhance your asset performance and simultaneously lower O&M costs and risks.

  • End-customer-oriented optimization of operations with on-time performance and maximization of throughput
  • Efficiency-driven optimization of maintenance with performance guarantees for system availability and reliability
  • Optimized supply chain model for spare parts tailored to customer requirements
  • AI-based support for advanced asset renewal planning by asset owner
Keep rolling stock, railway systems and infrastructure operational

Enterprise data model

The digital key to your asset

Throughout the project all stakeholders contribute data to the production information model. This data is then transferred as a structured asset information model to the operation and maintenance entity.

  • Standardized data package consistent with the as-built asset
  • Basis for optimized asset management and lifecycle costs
  • Input for modernization or extension of existing assets
A digital key gives you access to all data that is securely stored in the cloud

More than just a tool

BIM enhances the collaboration between different partners working on the same overall goal. Siemens Mobility ensures that further knowledge about this digital planning will be solidified in its staff. 

Cyber security is important to safeguard critical data. Siemens Mobility fully complies with all cyber security regulations. The company is software neutral and thus able to work with different tools. 

Digital planning, building and maintenance includes a set of processes to be performed. With its project management process Siemens Mobility is uniquely positioned to integrate this iterative approach - in any phase of the project until operations. 

A fixed set of guidelines ensures the basis for all collaboration and a shared understanding. Siemens Mobility has created a BIM standard for rail infrastructure.