For mobility that is truly moving 

Transform everyday journeys from the first mile to the last with the Siemens Mobility approach to passenger experience.

What does it mean to create mobility that is truly moving?

We say: it is to move more in the truest sense of the word. To improve passenger numbers – and create moving experiences that will delight them.

From nice-to-have to must-have

Passenger experience is shaping up to be a driving force in the mobility business – the way it already is in adjacent sectors such as the airline and automotive industries. This is why there is an urgent need for an integrated perspective that covers rolling stock, infrastructure, software, services and operations. 


In collaboration with trusted partners from our ecosystem of operators, suppliers, start-ups, and more: we are able to identify passenger experience concepts with the greatest impact – and highest return for our customers. We conceive, prototype and test solutions with this goal in mind: to transform everyday journeys for passengers and the everyday business of mobility for operators.


Think beyond to win over passengers – both today and tomorrow

At Siemens Mobility, we work with you to transform everyday journeys from the first mile to the last. Because passenger travel is more than simply the means to an end.
The selection

New impulses – along all touchpoints

From when a passenger begins to plan their trip till they arrive at their destination: we offer a full selection of both physical and digital solutions to optimize that journey. Discover some of these solutions and innovations below.

Regaining trust in public transport in a pandemic

In a time of COVID-19, mobility operators need to think beyond the norm to make public transport safer and more hygienic for their passengers. Doing so will help the public regain trust in public transport options and create a much-needed ridership boost. To this end: we have put together a selection of offerings designed to mitigate the risk and increase the COVID-19 resilience of public transport.



Discover inspiring stories about how Siemens Mobility is working with customers and cities around the world to improve passenger experience across the entire mobility spectrum.

Delighting passengers around the world

With Siemens Mobility, you have physical and digital offerings that will transform passenger journeys – and your business. All from one partner you can rely on. No matter where in the world you are.

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For mobility that is truly moving

Solutions, technologies and products which improve passenger experience: from when a passenger begins to plan his or her trip to when they board the train, tram or metro to when they arrive at their destination. That is what we offer with the Siemens Mobility approach to passenger experience.