Two smiling people cross a street in a bright, vibrant city with a tram behind them; digital elements over the image display the possibilities offered by smart city solutions for urban transport.

Smart cities – the answer to urbanization

Every city is different. But we all want the same. A city that is clean, livable, and where people can travel safely from A to B and back again. Meet the challenges of urbanization to make your smart city of possibilities happen with Siemens Mobility by your side. 
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Beat the challenges of urbanization

Smart city solutions for urban transport

You know your city. You love your city. And you want the people in it to be able to travel from A to B and back again, safely and seamlessly. Particularly in times of crises, it is important to be able to guarantee the security of citizens.

Whether you are an urban planner, city consultant, civil engineer or mobility operator: we at Siemens Mobility are dedicated towards helping you beat the challenges of public transport posed by urbanization. 


  • Find out more about how you can tackle challenges by utilizing smart infrastructure, sustainability as well as safe and seamless public transport  
  • Discover rail, road and intermodal products and solutions designed to help you solve these challenges 
  • Read insights about smart cities we have helped shape all around the world
  • Navigate the new normal by checking out our collection of COVID-19 offerings for both passengers and operators 
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Our complete portfolio of rail, road and intermodal products and solutions paired with our experience in implementing turnkey transportation projects in growing cities all around the world make possibilities possible – both for the urban planners of these cities and the people who live in them.
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Transport in smart cities around the world

They took shape differently over time. They look different. They even sound different. They also face different global challenges.

In some cities, it is a matter of congestion. In some cities, it is aging infrastructure not meeting the needs of a growing population. In some cities, it is a matter of public safety. But what they all want is the same thing: to be safe, clean and livable for its citizens. Here are some cities which have overcome these challenges – and created possibilities for the people living in them. 

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A smart city that is safe and sustainable with seamless transport options for the people who live in it. Whatever your role is in creating this city of possibilities – we at Siemens Mobility have a broad range of products and solutions that will interest you. Fill in the form below to indicate your area of interest and our experts will get in touch with you shortly.