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Concepts that make transport more efficient are in demand with the ever-increasing need for mobility. With our long-standing transport expertise and our IT know-how, we are constantly developing new, intelligent mobility solutions that increase availability of infrastructure, optimize throughput and improve passenger experience. It’s in how we electrify, automate and digitalize infrastructure that we’re setting the benchmark for tomorrow’s mobility – today.

Intelligent and efficient mobility

Learn more about how we create the best value in mobility by connecting information technology with transportation expertise to improve availability, throughput and passenger experience.

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Innovative traffic management systems interconnect roads and rails, while information systems help passengers find efficient travel routes. Fully automated metros can be flexibly adapted to passenger volume – and dynamic traffic control systems guarantee an optimized traffic flow. The result: Optimally networked conurbations that flexibly adapt to changing requirements.

Rail solutions Road solutions

Unlimited mobility is based on an efficient interurban transportation infrastructure. This includes modern, high-performance trains and locomotives, plus rail automation and electrification solutions – along with dynamic systems for documenting data and directing traffic to highways. The result: Transregional services that provide fast, eco-friendly links between metropolitan areas.

Rail solutions Road solutions

World population growth is unstoppable, and along with it, the need for transport services, in and between towns, regions and countries. Long-term planning and continuous development of sustainable mobility infrastructures are therefore vital to present and future passenger and goods transport, and to ensure appealing living environments, competitive urban areas, and environmentally friendly and safe mobility from A to B. With its extensive expertise in the operation and optimization of road and rail-based transport, Siemens supports the efforts of urban authorities and operators to achieve a successful future - with integrated mobility designs and solutions.

Integrated Mobility

There's service, and then there's "service". We encounter it every day. But what about good service? For us, good service means being there for our partners and customers whenever they need us – and more than that.
Siemens Mobility Services encompass the entire range of services for rail and road transportation. When it comes to the efficiency, sustainability and reliability of your systems, we have the right answer – our services ensure 100% mobility. That is because we define ourselves by what we do – every day, every hour, every minute. Join us in keeping the world running


Trends and Topics

Study "The Data Opportunity" presented in Berlin

The study examines the global impact of investment in data-focused transport solutions and how it will improve transport systems.

Vehicle-to-X (V2X) communication technology

The introduction and utilization of V2X systems (cooperative systems) improves road safety and traffic efficiency.

  • Increased Capacity for Paris’ Metro

    Paris’ metro line 1 is equipped with the Siemens’ Trainguard MT train control system for driverless operation.

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  • Bringing Greener Travel and Expanded Capacity to Munich

    Siemens’ answers for Munich’s underground and suburban rail networks.

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  • Emission-Free Public Transportation: City Buses in Vienna

    Europe’s first fleet of electric buses is now operating emission-free in Vienna.

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  • Traffic Information for Intermodal Travelling in Berlin

    Traffic control systems from Siemens help to provide multimodal traffic information in real time.

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  • Convenient Connections with eTicketing in Lisbon

    Siemens provided a contactless ticketing and access control system at 21 stations on the two main suburban rail lines.

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  • Delivery and Maintenance of High-Speed Trains for Russian Railways

    Siemens’ Sapsan (Velaro RUS) trains serve the connection Saint Petersburg - Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod.

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  • Avenio Tram for The Hague

    With goals of greater accessibility, greater sustainability, and greater passenger accommodation, The Hague’s public transportation authority receives state-of-the-art tram cars from Siemens

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  • NY MTA

    To help deal with the large volume of rail traffic from urban commuters, New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority enlists Siemens to provide numerous solutions for Grand Central Terminal

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  • Kuala Lumpur Metro

    58 driverless Inspiro series metro trains made from sustainable and recycled materials have given Kuala Lumpur an all-in-one solution for reducing energy consumption and traffic congestion

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  • London Hybrid Buses

    Turning London's famous red doubledecker buses green: a modular ELFA hybrid drive system from Siemens allows city busaes to be both environmentally friendly and low in energy consumption

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  • Guangfo Metro Line

    Convenient travel between Guangzhou and Foshan was necessary as they continue to grow into one megacity. Siemens' solution included signaling systems, train control and propulsion systems

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  • Metro Line Riyadh

    Saudia Arabia, planning the world's largest subway project, will receive the entire turnkey system for two driverless metro lines in its capital city, Riyadh

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