Vectron – the vehicle concept

Europe is changing. The volume of traffic is growing and the flow of goods is increasing across borders. For rail traffic, this has led to high requirements in terms of technical flexibility and economic planning, in both the short and long term. As a market-oriented, adaptable locomotive, Vectron is the right solution for every operator who wants to – and must – meet current and future requirements. Come aboard and discover the locomotive that forges new paths.

Vectron at a glance

With Vectron, Siemens is breaking new ground while also focusing more intensively than ever on customer benefits. This is based on interviews with operators and on the experience of over 1,600 Eurosprinters and Eurorunners in service.

Vectron – Technology

Gear up for the future now. With an advanced locomotive that is as ready for long-term perspectives as it is for changing markets and sudden unforeseen events.

Vectron – Adaptability

With Vectron, you remain flexible and can thus react to future changes in the market – thanks to its ability to adapt to new route requirements and areas of use.

Vectron – Service

Optimally planable operations require maximum availability, which can only be ensured through service and maintenance precisely tailored to your needs. After all, putting great things in motion means having reliable vehicles available.

Vectron – Boundlessness

Cross borders with no limits. Vectron gives you the freedom to choose the routes you want to serve. The new interoperable Vectron locomotives overcome technical barriers and support cross-border rail connections whenever required by your business.