Rail Solutions

As a single-source supplier and system integrator, Siemens combines all the expertise necessary for sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transportation. We take a balanced, comprehensive approach to rail-based mobility – from trams, light rail and metro services to commuter rail lines all the way to regional services. Reliability, safety, attractiveness and efficiency are our top priorities – a benefit to the operators and the environment.

Rail Automation

Speed, reliability and convenience determine the attractiveness of modern trains – as well as their economic success. By these criteria, optimum line efficiency (and thus rail automation) becomes the central issue. With our diverse portfolio, Siemens Mobility guarantees reliable operations.

Railways Electrification

Siemens is your partner for tailor-made electrification solutions for mass transit. We implement solutions based on proven product solutions, whereby we set standards. Your benefit: Efficient plus reliable traction power supply and contact line systems.

Commuter and Regional Trains

Today’s commuter and regional services need to meet a host of different demands – depending on the region, operator and connections to other forms of transport. This challenge can only be met with intelligent, flexible train concepts – such as our Desiro family of vehicles.

Complete rail solutions

A company doesn’t develop a comprehensive mobility expertise overnight. Our expertise and international presence have been growing constantly for 160 years. With our complete rail solutions, Siemens implements exemplary complete rail systems.

High-speed and Intercity trains

Our train platforms are eco-friendly, easy to maintain and modular – in both high-speed and inter-city services. They provide optimal transit links between the various metropolitan areas of a conurba-tion, along with convenient, future-ready connections that meet growing operator requirements in terms of their cost-effectiveness and quality.

Components and Systems

When it comes to traction systems, bogies and onboard power supplies, Siemens offers a complete range of electrical and mechanical components – as well as system solutions for modern urban transportation vehicles. We also have many years of experience with urban transportation systems worldwide – also with the associated traction and bogie.


Future-oriented solutions operate economically while protecting the environment and resources. Siemens’ portfolio includes the Vectron and Charger locomotive platforms plus customized solutions based on proven concepts and components.


Whether in vehicle length, passenger capacity or adaptation to specific climatic conditions – our standardized metros give you plenty of leeway. To meet your particular demand, we can combine our service-proven metro components with very specific modules to create a strong transit concept that’s right for you.

Trams and Light Rail

For over 125 years, Siemens has been building electric trams. Thanks to these many years of experience, we have acquired superior knowledge that makes us a reliable partner for communities and cities. Our product portfolio for urban mobility includes trams and light rail vehicles.


Our extensive range of services includes flexible solutions for professional maintenance, spare parts supply, modernization and accident repairs, as well as for testing and validatingrail systems – including maintenance services that are perfectly matched to both current and future requirements.

Passenger Coaches

Siemens has been active in the passenger´coach industry since 1852 and is one of the world’s leading technology companies.
The Viaggio family provides innovative and sustainable solutions for individual mobility within and between cities. Comfort, flexibility and speed are key features of  our modern passenger trains.

Electrical components for the railway industry

Large temperature fluctuations, condensation, shock, vibration, electromagnetic interferences, and more: Electrical components for the railway industry must provide safe and reliable operation even under extreme application conditions – at all times.
As an experienced partner in the railway industry, Siemens offers a broad portfolio of reliable and high-quality electrical components for the railway industry - for both rolling stock and infrastructure applications.

Test and Validation Center

Railway operators expect innovations that function properly from the day they’re delivered. However, testing is becoming more and more difficult due to the increasing utilization of public rails. The accredited and certified Wegberg-Wildenrath Test and Validation Center is the logical answer to changing conditions in rail traffic.