Desiro Family

The Desiro platform combines comfort with a high level of safety and reliability in an extremely innovative design – resulting in greater customer appeal and customer satisfaction. High flexibility and quality combined with optimized costs also ensure maximum economy. You are perfectly equipped for the future with this trendsetting family of trains, which can be deployed in commuter networks, regional railways, or for feeder services.

Desiro RUS – Innovation on rails

As a reliable, versatile regional train or airport shuttle, the Desiro RUS offers impressive comfort and optimal safety. The Desiro RUS is a five-unit, single-deck, single-car multiple unit that can be used in double traction.

Railway operators today face a wide range of challenges: increasing passenger flow, high quality of transportation, safety, efficiency, ecology etc.

In order to implement a new level of technology, increasing reliability, safety and effectiveness, Russian Railways (RZD) ordered a fleet of 54 trains Desiro RUS.

RZD’s specific operational requirements had to be taken into account in the design of the Desiro RUS as well as the Russian climatic conditions, homologation regulations and diverse infrastructure and operating conditions.

As railway lines in Russia are electrified at 3 kV DC and others at 25 kV AC, the Desiro RUS is equipped with dual voltage power supply traction equipment.

The Desiro RUS, which is designed for regional, interregional and intermodal transit, can reach speeds of up to 160 km/h. In Russia, they are known by the name of "Lastochka," which means "little swallow".

On January 23, 2013 the Desiro RUS type regional train was sent off on its first trip with passengers on board.

In the future trains based on Desiro RUS will be produced in Russia by "Ural Locos", a joint venture of Siemens with Russian partner Sinara Group. The first contract, signed in September 2011, comprises the delivery of 240 trainsets with 1,200 cars. The production of the trains at a production facility near Yekaterinburg started in 2013.

Desiro RUS production

Desiro ML – Reliability on the rails

The Desiro ML is our vehicle platform for fast, reliable, and environmentally friendly commuter, regional and interregional traffic in Europe.

Designed for a maximum speed of 160 km/h, the Desiro ML is well-equipped to assure a high performance level in operation. Depending on the needs, various train configurations, types of traction, and equipment can be provided. Depending on the transport capacity, intermediate cars can be added or removed. Moreover, the Desiro ML offers a variable, low-floor seating area as well as spacious entrances and intercar gangways, an attractive, innovative interior design and the highest level of travel comfort. High availability, flexibility and energy efficiency provide a solid basis for long-term efficiency in operation and investment security. By combining state-of-the-art technologies, tried-and tested engineering and compliance with current standards (e.g. EN, TSI) the Desiro ML meets present and future needs of passenger transport.

Desiro City – Evolution in motion

The Desiro City is our  UK platform for maximum flexibility, perfect comfort and low energy consumption. The lightweight construction of the train and the bogies combined with an intelligent vehicle control system reduce the total energy consumption by up to 50 percent compared with its predecessors.

Desiro HC - Smart combination, high capacity

The Desiro HC is the flexible, future-proof solution for growing metropolitan regions that combines comfort and capacity. It is ready for the increase in passengers that the future will bring. Desiro HC already stands out thanks to its attractiveness and superb efficiency, and it will help facilitate the advancing trend toward denser networking.