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Civil Enforcement

We understand that keeping your road networks flowing smoothly is a major responsibility within your traffic authority. Civil enforcement delivers the results you require in an efficient and effective way.

From junction (intersection) control right through to city-wide strategy deployment, Siemens Mobility provide systems which are able to deal with huge variations in the number of vehicles throughout the day and keep them moving. Traffic management and priority schemes for certain types of transport have been increasingly used to deliver more accurate, reliable travel times throughout the city.

Changing driver behaviour can require more than road signs and painted lines.

Management and priority systems only achieve their goals, if the traffic obeys the regulations for example, by not using bus lanes, or blocking junctions.  The enforcement of traffic contraventions using high quality CCTV evidence and the issuing of Penalty Charge Notices is a highly effective means for you to meet your local transport plan needs and obligations.  


The Siemens Digital Enforcement Solution makes use of a suite of hardware and software products to tackle road safety, traffic congestion, environmental and emissions damage and traffic regulation compliance as well as other traffic related issues including the provision of CCTV images to help you monitor your road network.

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