Elektra (Variable Message Signs)

variable message sign

Elektra variable message signs (VMS) from Siemens offer the complete solution for effective information display as part of an integrated UTMC traffic management system.

Providing highly visible and concise information to drivers keeps them better informed, helping reduce traffic congestion and journey times while lowering pollution levels from queuing traffic. Elektra VMS offers a highly configurable, adaptable and flexible solution to meet the requirements of variable message signs in a wide variety of different situations. With easy integration to new and existing UTMC management systems, Elektra provides real time car park and traffic information to drivers.

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  • All new enclosure design for easy installation and safe access
  • 100, 160, 240 and 320mm character sizes
  • EN12966 approved
  • UTMC compliant interfaces
  • Flexible communications options
  • Dynamic car park directions arrows
  • Advanced fault monitoring
  • Web browser user interface for configuration, support and maintenance

Ongoing maintenance and support of Elektra VMS is streamlined by full commonality of parts with the latest Siemens Gemini UTMC outstations, reducing the range of spares required by engineers. Intelligent character displays allow easy plug and play configuration, minimising the time required on site for maintenance activities. Elektra is fully compatible with the Siemens Outstation Support Server, providing efficient monitoring of faults and upgrading of firmware or sign configurations with minimum effort required on site.