Creating sustainable transport in London boroughs

In the second part of this study, we examine the scope for local authorities to maximise road resources through real-time traffic management
Part 1 of the London Boroughs Report is available to download

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Part 2: Fixing transport around the world – putting data on the road

Managing scarce road space in urban areas is a challenge that grows in scale as populations rise and the demand for goods, services and passenger journeys grows inexorably with them.    The negative consequences of the existing pressure on the road network are now well understood. Tackling congestion is a health, as well as an economic, imperative. In London, for example, traffic congestion was a leading contributor to air quality breaching EU legal limits in almost 50 locations across the capital last year.   Alongside city-wide initiatives, such as London’s incoming 2019 Ultra Low Emissions Zone, local authorities can look to a suite of new technologies to better use local road space, maximise the utility of public transport, clean the air and smooth traffic flows. The diversity of innovation underway and the profusion of new suppliers offering novel solutions is dizzying.