Siemens Level Crossings overview

Level Crossings: overview

There are around 6,000 crossings on the UK rail network where Siemens level crossing solutions protect rail and road users in a variety of locations and applications.  Level crossings fall into distinct categories, but each is unique and considers the frequency of trains, frequency and types of users and the environment where the crossings are located. Siemens Mobility Limited has introduced new technology and continue to innovate, improve level crossing safety, benefit the passenger and create optimum efficiency on the railway.

Level Crossing Safety: Road Users

Some crossings are ‘open’ and don’t have barriers, some have a ‘full barrier’ which blocks the entire road, whilst others have a ‘half barrier’.


Half barriers and full barriers can be protected with the variety in boom length the S60 barrier machine offer. The unique technology of Siemens S60 Level Crossing Barrier Machine provides greater efficiency, reliability, sustainability, and safety, with lower cost benefits that can be enjoyed by railways, road users, rail operating companies and most importantly, passengers around the world.

An additional solution for half and full barrier applications is Siemens’ Level Crossing in a box (LCIAB).  By taking proven Westrace technology that has been applied on worldwide projects and creating new application techniques, Siemens Mobility is reducing the cost of modernising level crossings while still delivering SIL 4 safety.

LCIAB has enabled Siemens to carry a significant amount of level crossing testing off site. The data collected so far indicates a shift in ratio of off-site to on-site testing from 30:70 to 60:40  resulting in a reduction in overall costs.

Siemens has commissioned LCIAB in the following configurations:


  • Manually controlled  barriers  with obstacle  detection (MCB-OD)
  • Manually controlled barriers with closed  circuit  TV (MCB-CCTV)
  • Automatic Half Barrier Crossing (AHBC)

Level Crossing Safety: Pedestrians and Farmers


It can be tempting to run over a crossing or jump the barriers rather than wait for a train to pass, especially in rural area where there are sometimes no level crossing barrier machines in use. There may be a gate, but there are occasions where it is up to the pedestrian to judge whether it is safe to cross the track.  Many assume there is only one train or use previous experience to guess when the train is coming but trains can come from either direction at any time.


Siemens Mobility Limited has introduced the Minor Crossing Protection range that is an overlay system for easy installation and provides improvement to level crossing safety in rural areas.

The MCP10 automatically detects incoming trains and using secure radio communication and warns the user via a sound alarm and/or a visual notification of the danger. There is also an option of interfacing with barriers and power gates when permitted.


For farmers that cross tracks in their vehicles, the MCP10 is equipped with a sensor that will communicate with the farmer upon arrival of any dangers which eliminates the need for the farmer to get out of their cab to interface with the warning system. This eliminates any inconvenience to the farmer’s day to day operations whilst keeping them safe. 

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