Siemens Mobility S60 Level Crossing Barrier Machine


There are currently around 6000 crossings on the UK rail network and as the network expands it is evident that more integration with road users is required. With this, reliable and sustainable level crossings will be required for the seamless integration. The need for a reliable and sustainable barrier machine is paramount for safety for both automatic and manual level crossings. The boom and barrier machine is essential for the railway as it allows for rail and road users to remain safe. 


The unique technology of Siemens Mobility S60 Level Crossing Barrier Machine provides greater efficiency, reliability, sustainability, and safety, with lower cost benefits that can be enjoyed by railways, road users, rail operating companies and most importantly, passengers around the world.


A reliable barrier and boom system are an absolute must to ensure that passengers, and road users, are safely transported to their chosen destination. With the railway infrastructure becoming ever busier, level crossings are expected to operate more regularly, with closures kept to a minimum. The S60 Level Crossing Barrier Machine is the gateway to achieve maximum safety and reliability to rail and road users.

S60 Barrier Machine – Optimum Level Crossing Safety for Rail and Road Users

The S60 Barrier Machine is the latest version of Level Crossing solutions from Siemens Mobility and is a rugged, field proven unit with an excess of 11,000 worldwide installations. The S60 Barrier Machine is enhanced for the UK and European markets and has over 88 installation around the UK network. The S60 Barrier Machine is a versatile product with configuration variants which allows the machine to be deployed on both manned and automatic crossings.


Once installed, the S60 Barrier Machine only needs electrical power. Power consumption is either 15amps at 12V or 8amps at 24V, which are a relatively low currents that offers both cost and space saving on the cable core size and the backup batteries. With an electrical direct drive which improves sustainability due to the lack of hydraulics, maintenance procedures are simple as draining hydraulic fluid is not required.


The S60 Barrier Machine is designed so that the housing unit is at eye level with a swing down door. This leads to quick access to the components for ease of maintenance. The motor is effortlessly accessible and the brushes can be replaced within a few minutes. Brushes are rated for 400,000 operations before replacements.


The exceptional high level of reliability, quick installation time and long intervals between servicing translate into low operating costs and make optimum passenger safety and operating efficiency a reality.

S60 Barrier Machine – Passenger & Optimum Efficiency Benefits

  • Small Barrier Machine Footprint
    The small barrier footprint allows for the S60 Barrier Machine to be deployed in a wide array of locations and has been crucial for projects where access is restricted but also where the crossing itself is in a confined space.
  • Electrical Machine Providing Low Power Consumption Ownership Cos
    As it only needs electrical power, the S60 Barrier Machine has relatively low current (15 amps at 12V or 8amps at 24V) that can offer savings on cable core size. Further savings may be realised in the design of the interface circuitry by using fewer components than traditional systems.
  • Electronic Operation (no hydraulics)
    Unlike many of the electro-hydraulic systems, the S60 Barrier Machine is operated electrically and there are no hydraulics involved making it a more sustainable machine. With Siemens Mobility's fully electrical solution, maintenance procedures are simple as draining hydraulics fluid is not required. This will prolong maintenance intervals, save money and cause less disruption to the passenger’s journey.
  • Easy and Quick Installation, Maintenance & Repair
    With the major housing unit being at eye level, this allows for quick and effortless access to components as well as easily performed maintenance procedures.  The S60 Barrier Machine shall be pre-assembled to the mounting post prior to shipment which shall ensure a reduced installation time. The S60 Barrier Machine is one of the lightest on the UK railway which results in reduced installation costs due to the luxury of only needing a small installation team.
  • Built in Diagnostic LED’s For Ease of Set Up and Maintenance
    The PCBs are plug coupled and have on-board diagnostic LEDs. This significantly reduced set up times and routine maintenance as fault are clearly identified.

S60 Level Crossing Barrier Machine - Data Sheet

To learn more about the S60 Level Crossing Barrier Machine and, its functions, as well as mechanical, electronic and operating details, feel free to check out the data sheet or ask our experts a question.

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