COVID-19: Clean air for passengers

With passengers saying they’re worried about catching Covid-19 on public transport and operators taking measures to reassure them,  in partnership with Yellow Collective,  Siemens Mobility Limited is launching an innovative technology which will cleanse the air in rail carriages – significantly reducing the spread of the corona virus (due to the cycle rate of air), better protecting passengers, staff and the public

Preventing virus survival

The introduction of this new technology comes as more people return to places of work, schools and universities reopen across the UK and more and more people are gradually using public transport.

By combining a powerful, proprietary new semiconductor chemical compound with the deep cleansing properties of UV light, there is a unique way to prevent virus survival whilst combatting pollution and climate change *

Innovation: Clean Air for Rail Fan

The innovative ‘Clean Air for Rail Fan’ helps to reduce exposure to, and combat the spread of, COVID-19 in train carriages by filtering air through a specially-designed decontamination chamber. This uses a combination of an innovative photocatalytic coating, UVC light and a fan to kill viruses and remove pollutants, pathogens and CO2 - greatly improving air quality. 

Our research shows that four in five people think the railway, trams and metro systems are among the methods of transport most likely to pose an increased threat of catching COVID-19.  This is a really innovative and technologically-advanced solution to help counter immediate concerns with added long-lasting benefit. The Clean Air for Rail filter not only helps to tackle the potential transmission of the virus, but also means people are less likely to pick up other illnesses when they travel on trains in the future.
William Wilson, CEO of Siemens Mobility Limited
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