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Our story 

Siemens Mobility's Customer Services team supports critical infrastructure to improve the life and value of rail infrastructure assets after installation. 


We are a group of global rail experts, bringing extensive experience to the management, operation and maintenance of all types of rail infrastructure, from telecommunications to signalling and train control systems and from providing lifetime extension and imrpovements to offering industry leading qualifications and training. We understand the value gained from achieving performance goals and minimising in-life costs.


We keep our customers at the heart of everything we do, always striving for maximum customer satisfaction while helping you achieve maximum system availability.

John Butler, Head of Customer Services for Rail Infrastructure, says: 

"As the rail industry continues to move towards enhanced digital operation, our team provides the latest innovative, cutting-edge maintenance solutions to our customers ensuring the best passenger experience."

Our Missions, Values and Vision 

Siemens Mobility's Customer Services team has one clear mission – to deliver oustanding customer service.


Our Mission – To deliver 100% system availability for the entire lifecycle. 

Our Values – We are responsible and act in long-term partnerships. 

Our Vision – To become your service provider of choice.


Excellent – Innovative – Passionate


We're a trusted partner to our customers. Moving Beyond means going the extra mile for them. Understanding what they really need. And then delivering the absolute best we can. We also aspire to improve over time. To think about what we can do better the next day - and really try to improve for the benefit of our customers. You might not see us. But you can feel what we do. 
Johannes Emmelheinz - CEO Mobility Customer Services, Siemens Mobility GmbH

Service offerings

Who we work with and what we do

Siemens Mobility's Customer Services team works with customers throughout the UK and beyond. We have close partnerships with Network Rail, Transport for London and other organisations. Siemens Mobility is the largest provider of support service to rail infrastructure in the UK. Our contracts can flex to cater for all customer and market requirements and can be adapted depending on age and complexity of systems.

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Are you ready for tomorrow? Drive your local, long-distance and freight railway lines further with digitalised solutions and products from Siemens Mobility – to increase the value of your business sustainably, enhance the passenger experience, and guarantee availability.