Do something deeply innovative

Whatever industry you hail from - join the Piccadilly Line Upgrade Programme and revolutionise the iconic London Underground.

A career-defining engineering project

Master your trade and become a leader in your field by undertaking a hugely ambitious feat of engineering. Siemens Mobility has won the TfL contract to transform London’s Victorian-era Tube system into one of the world’s smartest, software-driven underground railways. We aim to bring together engineers and project leaders from across the globe to pioneer the future of trains, electrical controls and communication systems – automating connected infrastructure allowing people to move more intelligently and sustainably. This really could become your greatest ever achievement.

What does the future look like?

The Piccadilly Line Upgrade Programme is a £2bn contract which will herald a new generation of state-of-the-art, high-capacity trains. With walk-through air-conditioned carriages, our trains will raise the bar in passenger comfort, while developing innovative signalling solutions and supporting infrastructure integration will bring improved safety, higher-frequency services and reduced customer journey time.








Who are we looking for?

Whether you’ve worked in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defence or Rail industries, we need your transferable skills. We want committed professionals who are in this to finish what they started. Visionary engineers and project managers who can rise to a challenge and find simple solutions to complex problems.



  • You must have a degree in electrical, automation, computer or software engineering.
  • You must also be fluent in English and preferably German.  
It’s time to join a global business and epic project that sets you apart from you peers

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The Roles

Coming soon.. There are no live vacancies advertised at the moment but we would be very keen to hear from you and what you can bring to the project. Why not register your interest in the meantime? Follow the link below to sign up.




If your dream job isn't listed above but you would like to work on the Piccadilly Upgrade Programme, register your interest here.

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Living, training and working abroad

This is a rare opportunity worth investing in. For two to three years you’ll live, work and upskill in Germany alongside some of the world’s most exceptional engineers. After which, you’ll return to London where most of our roles will be based. Beforehand, however, you’ll receive a generous support package to relocate to one of two locations:

  • Erlangen, Germany – a beautiful, affluent Siemens university town an hour outside of Munich.
  • Wildenrath, Germany – half an hour from Mönchengladbach, this is a quaint town in the North Rhine region near Düsseldorf. A lovely place to live with amazing transport links and trains to Amsterdam.

Why Siemens Mobility?

Siemens Mobility is leading the shift in how mobility is managed. We delivered the UK’s first software-driven train to London’s Thameslink line, and now the Piccadilly Line Upgrade Programme is set to propel us miles ahead of all other manufacturers. Our strong market position and futureproof portfolio of ordered projects is worth €69bn. We’ve continued to thrive even through the world’s recent challenges. So invest in a secure career at a technological powerhouse with a world-class reputation.

Your career with Siemens

If you are interested in a career outside of the Piccadilly Line Upgrade programme or simply wish to explore alternative opportunities at Siemens, please visit our careers portal below: