Digital Services for Rail

Our digital services team brings together the very best innovation, data science, analytics and software development to improve quality and reduce cost for our customers, providing data services for their teams to use to solve real business problems and ultimately improve the passenger experience. 

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Digital Services

Our specialist digital services team includes data scientists, analysts and business development advisors, who combine to develop and deliver digital solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer. These are aimed at solving a specific issue a customer may face, unlocking value for operators and maintainers and ultimately delivering benefits to passengers.


Once we have agreed a digital services framework with a customer, we work closely to develop an individual use case, building proofs of concept to robustly test and validate our proposed solutions, before fully defining the scope of the service.



Data analytics is particularly beneficial for:

  • Operations teams
    Spanning every aspect of the train while in service – we can provide support to dispatch teams and drivers, helping, for example with timetable planning and fleet control.
  • Maintenance teams
    Covering everything the maintainer may need - from CMMS in the depot to mobile applications, our digital services team can provide solutions to meet the needs of service technicians, production and technical teams and fleet control.
  • Passengers 
    By providing digital solutions for the operations and maintenance teams, passenger benefits will follow in terms of improved performance, reliability, confidence and value.

Data Scientists – The Problem Solvers 

Through a combination of technical expertise, industry knowledge and a thirst for problem solving, our experienced team of data scientists works directly with customers’ teams, initially to thoroughly understand the problems that they need solved, or improvements that need to be made before developing appropriate solutions that add value to their operations.

Digital Services Framework Agreements

Once the operational issue to be addressed has been defined, our team develops a specific Digital Services Framework Agreement with the customer, which outlines the scope of the service.

The agreement provides outlines the process by which the use case will be developed - which can be carried out by our team, by the customer, or more commonly collaboratively. It also helps define the measures for success, ensures dedicated resources are made available to deliver what has been agreed and sets out data provision and intellectual property rights.

Developing Use Cases and Proof of concepts

Our Digital Services team then works closely with the customer to fully understand the problems that need to be solved - or improvement that are sought. We arrange bespoke digital workshops to explore potential solutions; and if the answer lies in data analytics (whether that be acquired from the train or another source) and value can be added, then our team will bring the relevant expertise and domain knowledge to develop bespoke algorithms and build a use case.

Once we all fully agree the scope and scale of the problem that is to be solved, we will identify proofs of concept, and then test and discuss the feasibility of these potential solutions.

We will then develop a specific Use Case, which will be further refined through as many iterations as required until the Use Case is ready for operations. At this stage we’ll develop with the customer the appropriate output tools - for example, reports, dashboards or HMI windows. A full Technical Specification is then produced, detailing the scope of the use case and data requirements, as well as the objectives, outputs, complexity, duration and deliverables expected.

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